Hand in Hand is not accepting application at this time. 

Hand in Hand Matching Grant Procedures

1) Obtain a completed and approved home study by a qualified agency or by a professional licensed in the state in which you reside before applying for a Matching Grant.



2) Submit a completed application requesting a Matching Grant along with a copy of your completed and approved home study. Information provided for this application is held confidential. Hand in Hand Christian Adoption, Inc. respects the privacy of individuals applying for a grant and maintains that the information you provide is used for no other purpose than the consideration of this grant application.


3) Hand in Hand will prayerfully consider your request for a Matching Grant and make a determination to approve or decline your request, indicating the specific grant amount (if approved). Any money contributed over and above the Matching Grant amount will still be a tax-deductible contribution and will be used per the wishes of the donor up to the actual adoption cost. Money contributed beyond the cost of adoption will become part of Hand in Hand’s general fund and will be used to help other adoptive couples. 


4) A “due date” will be established. All funds must be in the Hand in Hand office or postmarked by this date in order to be applied toward the ‘dollar-for-dollar’ Matching Grant. This due date is typically 6-8 weeks from the time a grant is approved, but will vary according to each adoptive families need. We would also use this “due date” for contributions not applied towards the Matching Grant. Any donations received after the “due date” will become part of the general operating fund of Hand in Hand to help other adoptive couples.
5) Develop a mailing list of 50 - 150 potential supporters. This group would include individuals from your church, family, friends, business associates, school contacts, co-workers, etc.


6) Send a support letter customized with your own story of adoption and where you are in the process. Hand in Hand will send you a sample letter to help in this process. You will send your support letter along with a copy of your Hand in Hand Grant Award Letter and a Hand in Hand brochure to each of your potential supporters.


7)  Donated funds are sent directly to Hand in Hand Christian Adoption, Inc. Funds are then distributed directly to the adoption agency, lawyer, etc. to cover adoption expenses. Hand in Hand Christian Adoption, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) private operating foundation and retains discretion and control over the use of all donations. It is our intention to honor the wishes of donors as much as possible. If for some reason, you do not complete the adoption process Hand in Hand will keep the funds granted available for up to one year after which time the funds granted will be used to help other adoptive parents.


8) Hand in Hand will provide you with a list of donors so you will be able to thank each one of them individually for their financial support and will also provide tax-deductible receipts to each donor at the end of the year.
9) Submit adoption related invoices to Hand in Hand. Grant monies will be available to be applied to your adoption expenses as they are collected. Payments will only be made to an adoption agency, adoption lawyer, etc. and not to the individual family. Only balances outstanding will be paid by Hand in Hand. Monies pre-paid or paid before you received your grant will not be reimbursed.


10) Send a follow-up letter to your supporters shortly after your child joins your family, along with a family picture so each supporter sees that their part made a difference in accomplishing God’s plan for your child and your family. They can then continue to pray for you as you begin the next leg of your journey together.